Although our offices are closed to the public and most of our staff are working from home we are still hard at work to make sure you can rest insured. Your individual brokers can still be reached by telephone or email but we have eliminated in person meetings at this time. Our contact list is located here.

If you are unsure of whom you deal with, please send an email to our general email address or call the office main line and hit zero (or wait if you have a rotary phone). After the voicemail finishes you’ll be able to leave a voicemail in our general mailbox and we will assign it to the appropriate individual.

We are hard at work helping our customers, providing the support and advice you’ve come to expect from our professional insurance brokers. Please be patient as we may take longer to get back to you than usual. Email is the best method to reach your broker.

You may have heard that a number of insurance companies are offering reduced rates for automobile insurance in response to the COVID pandemic. Not all companies are responding the same way so we’ve provided links to each of our insurers COVID-19 information pages on their website. If your vehicle use has changed recently please email us a description of the change, an update on your commute distance and expected annual distances. These are the three main categories that can alter your premiums.

Insurance companies are also working with us if you have missed a payment or may need to. We are also aware that some are now doing deliveries or volunteering. If you are using the vehicle, home or business differently, please let us know.



Gore Mutual



Royal Sun Alliance (RSA) and Western Assurance (WA)


West Wawanosh